Tomatoes grown aeroponically

Aeroponics – A New Growing Method for Tomatoes

The tomato is the most preferred vegetable in cooking after onion all over the world. As there is so much demand of tomatoes, the need to cultivate this tangy vegetable or fruit has also came into boom. The best thing about growing tomatoes is that they can be grown even in the harshest of environments. With only limited resources, a perfect crop of juicy tomatoes can be grown.

But, growing any healthy vegetable can be a challenging process after the ongoing contamination of soil which is happening every day. Farmers are using different forms of fertilizers and other organic products to boost the proportion of minerals in soil. But, the whole process is quiet expensive and there is no guarantee that the yield will be in abundant quantity.

This is the main reason why more and more people are going for Aeroponics gardening method. Aeroponics is basically a soil less method of farming where a nutrient solution is mixed with water in an accurate proportion and sprayed on plants roots to grow them. This is an organic method to grow a healthier and cheaper crop production.

Farmers who are growing tomatoes are adapting Aeroponics systems because it eliminates all the possibility of pest infection. Even your crop becomes safe even if the weather is changing or there is a rise of chemicals in air or soil in the farming area. Tomatoes grown through Aeroponics methods are much tastier and are naturally healthier. Also, the harvest time is much less in comparison to any growing techniques.

The most important thing one needs to consider if planning to grow tomatoes through Aeroponics propagation is to choose appropriate seeds as per your garden space. You need to make sure that every plant get enough space to grow when cultivate through Aeroponics techniques. Normally, it takes just 10 days to get the sprout in tomato seeds through this techniques and on 68th day the plant is fully grown to harvest yield. This is much faster in comparison to the traditional method of growing tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes through Aeroponics have fetched benefits to many farmers. Now it’s your time to adapt this farming technique. With this technique the quality to your tomato plants will improve, the growing time will be reduced to half and the yield will be much more than normal crop will provide. But, before you go for the installation of an Aeroponics system, you should do proper research in the market. There different type of Aeroponics system available in the market. Choose the one which complies with your plantation demand, farming area and your budget. Also, if the water in your area has a high amount of mineral content or any other type of contamination present in water, you need to install filtration system. This will remove the bad chemicals and minerals that will harm the crop.

So, if you have big land for farming or a small indoor garden, install an Aeroponics system to grow your crop better, faster and healthier.