Above: chyrsanthemums grown with EZ-CLONE Seed Starters


We all know by now that rooting clones aeroponically is the optimal way to propagate cuttings, but what if the process could become even easier? What if your clones could root themselves into the very structures that keep them upright in your aeroponic system? EZ-CLONE’s all new, environmentally friendly Coco Collars and Coco Seed Starters are a perfect addition to your growing process. 

Created from coco coir, these all natural alternatives to cloning collars allow your cuttings and seedlings to produce a root system directly into the collar. Establishing growth within the collar allows for a more robust root structure that is completely transplantable. Not only will your new plants have their typical lush aeroponic roots below the collar, but they will also have surface level roots helping anchor your clones in their new homes.

If you’re a seed advocate, now you can easily start your seeds aeroponically with your EZ-CLONE system. Allowing an emerging tap root to enter an aeroponic environment is like running the 4 minute mile without ever learning to walk. Having no medium to slow or hinder seedlings and cuttings allows your newly sprouted plant a stress-free environment. Less stress equates to happier cuttings and seedlings while also decreasing the amount of time it takes for root systems to form.



Above: Tom Thumb pea plant started from seed in EZ-CLONE Coco Collars; 2 weeks of growth

Besides saving you time and money during the transplant phase, these new alternatives to all existing cloning collars on the market will keep your landfill bare while making the world a little greener, one collar at a time. 

Another great advantage to using the EZ-CLONE Coco Collars and Seed Starters over any other cloning collar material is that coco coir naturally possess anti-fungal properties that can reduce the risk of root rot and other bacterial related problems that can occur when rooting clones aeroponically. In addition to their inherent anti-fungal nature, the new EZ-CLONE Coco Collars and Seed Starters are designed for a one-time use application, reducing the risk of contamination in your next cloning or germinating cycle.

Remember, your time is valuable and so is the health of your next generation of plants. Try the new EZ-CLONE Coco Collars and Seed Starters: an all natural, 100% transplantable and environmentally friendly alternative for your aeroponic growing. The next time you need to start some seeds or take some cuttings, experience the difference and go “coco-nuts” for the new EZ-CLONE Coco Collars and Seed Starters.


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Above: Same pea plants (see above) after two weeks in Coco collars