Not getting 100% success with your EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning System? Cleanliness may be the culprit. The biggest factor that dictates whether or not you will have a successful cloning cycle is the cleanliness of your system. A clean aeroponic propagating system is a happy system. Be sure and keep it green by thoroughly cleaning between your cloning cycles.

Poor cleaning practices can lead to –

  • Bacterial contamination
  • Pathogen infestation
  • Slime. Looks like a grey snot!
  • Rotting translucent stems
  • Stems breaking directly below the cloning collar
  • Unsatisfactory results
  • Frustration

The most commonly overlooked step during the cleaning process is the removal of the EZ-CLONE 360º Red Misters from your manifold. Failing to do so can quickly lead to SMS or sick manifold syndrome. SMS is when gunk remains trapped in your manifold leading to whole system contamination cycle after cycle. Avoid SMS and bacterial problems be removing the red misters and blowing any trapped gunk that may have built up out of your manifold.

Another commonly overlooked area during the cleaning process is the drain plug. The drain plug consists of two rubber washers, the drain plug adapter, white guide nut and a hose cap. Make note that one rubber washer goes on the inside of your reservoir while the other remains outside. Completely disassemble your drain plug between cycles and scrub with your scotch pad. Once everything has been sterilized and wiped clean, reassemble the drain plug and be sure to check that it is tight.

Remember, it is never advised to clone in a continuous cycle. Take the desired number of cuttings and start your cycle, once your cycle is complete, clean and sterilize. Running a perpetual cloning cycle, meaning removing a rooted cutting and replace with a new cuttings mid-cycle, can lead to bacterial problems resulting in SMS and potential cloning cycle failure.

Thorough cleaning and the use of EZ-CLONE Clear Rez at the recommended rate is your best bet to improve your next cloning cycle. Check out the video above and look for areas to improve your current EZ-CLONE cleaning practices.

Items Required For Cleaning


If you come up with any questions or concerns, we’€™d love to here from you in the comments section below! Keep it green!