Organic weed removal 

Keeping a clean garden free from any unwanted guests – like weeds – is a good way to prevent potential pest problems. Weeds attract insects, steal resources, and can interrupt root growth of intended plants. Herbicides and chemical warfare is certainly one way of stopping and combating weeds, but may not be the best option when growing produce you intent to ingest. Good old fashion organic weed removal by hand is always the cleanest and safest for your plants and yourself.

Hand removal of weeds can be fun and easy when you have the right tool. Normally, I would tell you to take a cutting and stick it in your EZ-CLONE before terminating a plant’s existence…but not this time. Pulling weeds by hand, while effective, is a slow process and can be strenuous on the back. Luckily, I have a perfect tool for the job: a hula or stirrup hoe. This simple utensil is an exceptional time and back saver. Easy to use and highly effective at destroying any unwanted weeds and vegetation, this hoe is well worth a small investment.

Reducing the vegetation that is unwanted and minimizing weeds will allow your crop to grow in uninterrupted root space with no struggle for nutrients. By simply pushing back and forth, one can easily up-root, cut and destroy weeds of all sizes, all organically. Once the devastation is complete, the weeds are easily raked up and thrown onto the compost pile. Minimal bending and quick works makes this hoe worth having in your collection.

stirrup hoe, organic weed remover

In larger container gardens, it’s a perfect tool for easy top soil break up; perfect for aerating the top layer of soil and disrupting any unwanted weed growth. Easily maneuverable in tight spaces and weighing nothing, this hoe will allow for extended use with minimal fatigue.

hula hoe and rakes for organic weed removal

Using HP – human power – will cost little, help reduce chemical use and improve the top soil. Next time you need to weed, grab a hula hoe and get dirty.

Remember: the best organic weed removal is making your hoe do all the work. Have fun in the garden and get those unwanted weeds out!