Organic Weed Removal – Outdoor Techniques

  Keeping a clean garden free from any unwanted guests – like weeds – is a good way to prevent potential pest problems. Weeds attract insects, steal resources, and can interrupt root growth of intended plants. Herbicides and chemical warfare is certainly one way...

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Cloning on Credit Using an EZ-CLONE

When time and money are tight, why not clone on credit? I know you'€™ve heard the saying that money doesn'€™t grow on trees. However, you certainly can make some money from the production and sale of cuttings. Investment opportunities are all around us. Invest in...

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3 Tips for Success with Outdoor Spring Propagation

Taking advantage of early spring weather and cloning outdoors is a great way to start two plants from one seed. Starting a small container garden is easy and fun to do. As the weather warms and spring fever begins to take hold of you, get outdoors and start growing. ...

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How To: Cloning Tomatoes in an EZ-CLONE

Propagating plants and cloning your most favored varieties will ensure you always have your preferences available. Taking cuttings from a tomato plant is a great way to get your roots wet if you are new to the propagation world. Not only are tomatoes easy to grow and...

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Video: Transplanting from a Clone Machine to Rockwool

Propagating plants is a great way to make sure you will always have your favorite varieties around! Cloning plants preserves genetics, allows you to easily replicate crops, and saves you both time and money. But, not all propagation methods are the same. Within the...

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