Video: Transplanting from a Clone Machine to Hydroton

Propagating plants in a clone machine is a great way to make sure you will always have your favorite plant varieties. Cloning plants preserves genetics, allows you to easily replicate crops, and saves you both time and money. But, not all propagation methods are the...

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How To: Garage Propagation with an EZ-CLONE System

When looking into how to grow plants indoors indoors, finding the best real estate is crucial for optimal growth. You want to make sure that you are in a well ventilated area – hopefully one with moving air – with natural light and preferably with consistant...

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Who put the Roots in the COCO…are you NUTS?

  Above: chyrsanthemums grown with EZ-CLONE Seed Starters   We all know by now that rooting clones aeroponically is the optimal way to propagate cuttings, but what if the process could become even easier? What if your clones could root themselves into the very...

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Plant Pests: Caterpillar Killers and the Praying Mantis

Exploring the world of problematic plant pests, beneficial bugs and how to best avoid and treat infestations, here we have two helpful creatures for outdoor gardens. One is a parasite — the Trichogramma wasp — that kills caterpillars. The other — the praying...

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Building a Portable Hoop House for Germinating Plants

Creating a portable hoop house for under $25 bucks, it can be done! Items Required:Pallet(4) Casters (locking ones are a plus)(3) 10’ x ½” PVC schedule 404mil plastic wrapScrewsPack of ½” clampsMetal wire Tools:DrillWire snipsStaple Gun and staplesSaw...

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EZ-CLONE Results – Fully Rooted in 14 Days!

The proof is in the pudding and results do not lie! Here's just another example of the fantastic results had by placing your cuttings in your Classic Plant Cloning System. These Chrysanthemums displayed outstanding root growth and were propagated with EZ-CLONE Rooting...

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Best Water To Use for Germination in an EZ-CLONE

A common question that I am consistently asked is: what’s the best water to use in my EZ-CLONE? Contrary to typical soil container gardening and the traditional method of cloning with a tray, medium and dome, when propagating or germinating plants aeroponically you...

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