How To: Container Gardening and Propagation

Propagating cuttings and taking clones from your donor or mother plant is not only a rewarding experience, but an excellent way to preserve your crop and replicate your best producer. Concentrating on one certain plant that exhibits the most profound and desired...

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Plant Pests: Nematodes and Whiteflies

Continuing with "things that want to eat your plants", we’ve decided to highlight two destructive, but manageable plant pests that love to eat your greenery. Nematodes and whiteflies attack and eat away at plant growth, but with a little pest-killing background, you...

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Plant Pests: Leaf Miners and Mealybugs

Above: A great photo of a mature Mealy Bug thanks to Micheal Masiuk. Such cute names are given for such pesky critters. Leaf miners make a mess out of plants’ foliage, while mealybugs suck plant juice and leave behind droppings. Both are relatively easy plant pests...

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When is it Time to Transplant Propagated Roots?

Above: A perfect impression of the existing container is a good indicator this plant is ready for transplanting! Transplanting propagated roots and the transition into a newer and larger home can be a hassle for you and a stressful period for your plant. Most...

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Transplanting Healthy Roots Into Expanded Clay

A wildly popular and simple hydroponic growing medium, expanded clay is lightweight and nearly inert, meaning it'€™s pH neutral and releases virtually no minerals into the nutrient stream. Due to its incredible ability to hold oxygen and nutrients, expanded clay is an...

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Transplanting From Aero System to Another Aero System

Above: Nothing clever. Transplanting from an aero system to another similarly amazing system is by far the simplest process for growers and plants alike. For the plants, there is virtually no transplant shock and with proper, plant-specific nutrients, they shouldn’t...

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