DIY Aeroponics – Cutting With Precision and Ease

Cloning your MILC (mother I'd like to clone) is a fairly simple process but one that, if done sloppily, in haste or without some background, can result in weak, disease-prone offspring. If taken with care and patience, the cuttings will grow into mature, healthy...

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Top 15 Tips for Successful Aeroponic Cloning

For those new to plant cloning, the process may seem daunting and downright scary. But fear not, if you’re a relative "newbie" or even an experienced grower who'€™s cloned thousands, abiding by one (or a few) simple rule will help pave the road to success. That rule...

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What to Feed Your MILC in an Aeroponic System

The purpose of Mother plants or MILC's (mothers I'€™d like to clone) is to produce offspring€” daughters or clones — that will grow up genetically identical to their superior prototypes if grown under proper conditions. This can be accomplished in an aeroponic...

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Insider Tip – Keeping your Aeroponic Cloner Clean

Above: The aftermath of removing a drain plug assembly on a system that had been sitting on a shelf "dry" for 3 plus weeks. See the moisture on the rubber washers? Whether growing indoors or outdoors, cleanliness and maintaining a sterile hydroponic or aeroponic...

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EZ-CLONE: The Dos and Don’ts of Hot Pepper Eating

Some people run marathons to challenge their bodies and minds. Others enjoy solving crossword puzzles, while some prefer sweating their hearts out in hot yoga or beneath the sweltering sun while tending to their vegetable and herb gardens. We all have our choice ways...

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Keeping it Clean With Clear Rez Aeroponics

Sustaining a clean EZ-CLONE System — given that it’s that way to start€” can easily be achieved by using a product that also promotes robust root growth. Released in July 2010, the Clear Rez solution was brought to our attention by agriculture experts at the...

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Cleaning Cloning Collars for an Aeroponic System

Switching out your EZ-CLONE System'€™s cloning collars following each cycle is a fail-safe policy against infecting it with bacteria. With that in mind, we understand that’s not always realistic and many users reuse the collars at the start of new cycles. Making...

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Indoor Lighting – Vegetative Propagation

When learning how to grow plants indoors with lights, it'€™s crucial to consider the stage of growth your plants will be in when consuming the light. Whether in a hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic or soil container garden, all plants require light for photosynthesis....

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Transplanting Bare Roots Into Rockwool Cubes

A relatively new growing medium, Rockwool originated in Denmark and is comprised of spun rock and sand, allowing the medium to retain great amounts of water. It also holds onto air, which is perfect for newly transplanted clones with vulnerable roots, and also comes...

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