How to Avoid SMS in your Aeroponic Farming Systems

Some common issues with aeroponic farming systems – like root rot and diseased clones with mold, slime and spotting – can be avoided with a little elbow grease and a lot of care for your EZ-CLONE System. Most customer queries regarding sick plants can usually be...

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Indoor Vegetable Gardening: Lighting

One of the main variables associated with indoor vegetable gardening is the manipulation and control of lighting. Today, we look at the science behind lighting and what exactly indoor grow light systems achieve. Outdoor gardening is pretty self-sufficient in terms of...

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How It’s Made: EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound

Have you ever wondered where and how the products you purchase make it to the shelf? Enjoy the insiders view as we show you how our 1/2oz EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound takes shape and is packaged. EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound is a specially formulated rooting gel designed to...

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EZ-CLONE Roots – Root Rot and Blight

Some of the dirtiest words — for gardeners, that is — have nothing to do with fowl language, but rather the pests and diseases that threaten their crops. This week, we’re featuring two common, dirty, dreadful diseases that have the potential to kill plants if...

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Aeroponic Grow Systems: Stagnant Water = Death

Leaving water in your EZ-CLONE system after completing a cycle significantly raises the potential for bacteria and pathogens to infest the system’s inner workings. To put it simply: Stagnant water equals death, according to Scott Thompson-Montague, Chief Reserach...

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Cloning in an Aeroponic System: 5 EZ-Steps

ITEMS REQUIRED: Mother/Donor Plant EZ-CLONE Cloning System EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound EZ-CLONE Clear Rez Sterile cutting utensil The desire to clone! STEP 1 After assembling your unit, the first step is to sterilize your cutting utensil. I use a pair of scissors and...

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Aeroponic Bare Root Cuttings Can’t be Beat

Aeroponic Bare Root Cuttings Can’t be Beat Starting with the best foundation possible is simple when starting with aeroponic bare root cuttings. Bare root cuttings allow for transplanting into any medium making them the most versatile cuttings. On top of being able...

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