EZ-CLONE Aeroponic Cloner makes the NEWS again!

LINK TO VIDEO EZ-CLONE Aeroponic Cloner makes the NEWS again! Have you heard the news? EZ-CLONE Aeroponic Cloner was recently featured on Good Day Sacramento. Watch as Marlene Simons, aka "The Plant Lady" demonstrates how easy it is to propagate plants with an...

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What’s not covered under warranty!

Lifetime limited warranties, the good, the bad and the not covered under warranty. Many companies offer a warranty program as an incentive to purchase their products. Others offer warranties as a way of demonstrating their products quality and workmanship. EZ-CLONE...

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Country Boyz to the Rescue!

\Thanks to Elliott the original Country Boy, EZ-CLONE is now rodent free once again! Thanks E for taking care of the rodent problem! Talk about a true country boy, E can build EZ-CLONE in record time, label bottles faster than any man and can show the mice who's boss!...

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