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1.) How do I assemble my new system?
Right here.
2.) How often do I need to clean my EZ-CLONE system?
Thorough cleaning in between every cycle is strongly suggested. Please refer to these cleaning recommendations here.3.) How do I clean my EZ-CLONE system?
For detailed cleaning instructions click here.4.) What temperature should my reservoir be?
With the use of EZ-CLONE Clear Rez we recommend reservoir temperatures to maintain between 70-85 degrees.5.) What should the temperature be inside my grow room where the EZ-CLONE system is housed?
We operate all of our testing units in a 75 degree grow room. We strongly recommend maintaining an ambient air temperature between 68 and 78 degrees.

6.) How many gallons does it take to fill my system?
9 Unit 2 gallons
16 Unit 2.5 – 3 gallons
32 Unit 5 – 5.5 gallons
64 Unit 8 – 10 gallons
128 Unit 15 – 20 gallons
If the exact volume of water is not required for determining the proper ratio for additives, fill your system to the bottom of the manifold.

7.) What kind of water should I use?
Generally tap water is fine, however if you are in an area with poor quality tap water, RO water (reverse osmosis water) or bottled spring water is recommended. When using RO water due to the lack of particulate it can be difficult to stabilize pH. We recommend using a 75% RO water to 25% tap or bottled spring water ratio to add particulates back into the water which will help the pH stabilization. Generally distilled water is not recommended.

8.) What additives do I use with my EZ-CLONE?
EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound and Clear Rez.

9.) What should the pH of my water be?
Anywhere between 5.5 and 6.5 is acceptable though we recommend 6.0. Remember your initial pH is likely to rise during the first 24-48 hours. It is best practice to keep an eye on your pH at this time.

10.) What kind of light works best with the EZ-CLONE Classic System?
Simple T12 fluorescent 40 watt lights work great. A two foot dual bulb fixture works well over the 16 and 32 site systems while a four foot dual bulb fixture works well for the 64 and 128 site system.

11.) How far should my light be from my cuttings?
18-24 inches is more than sufficient

12.) What light schedule should my EZ-CLONE system be on?
18 – 24 hours a day. It’s usually the growers preference.

13.) When should I expect roots?
Rooting times vary greatly depending on environmental conditions, species and health of donor plant. Usually roots will begin to develop around 7-10 days for many herbaceous and softwood cuttings. Hardwood cuttings may take a little longer.

14.) When are my cuttings ready to be transplanted?
Depending on the medium your transplanting into, your cuttings are ready to be transplanted when roots are at least 2” long. Typically longer more developed roots have a higher success rate. Remember if roots get too long they can be trimmed with sterile scissors during transplanting.

15.) Wheres the best place to put my EZ-CLONE system?
Somewhere that is sturdy or stable enough to set the system fully filled. A sturdy table, the floor or heavy duty wire racks are all good options.

16.) Can I reuse my Cloning Collars?
Yes, if properly cleaned and sterilized between cycles. Though we strongly recommend using new ones each time for best results. Look at it as a 50 cent per cutting insurance policy to help eliminate the potential for bacterial infection. 50 cents is definitely not worth losing a plant. Cleaning Instructions here.

17.) Can my EZ-CLONE system be used outdoors?
No, the EZ-CLONE has been designed to be used in an indoor application.

18.) Where’s my humidity dome?
You didn’t get one cause you don’t need one. A humidity dome increases the potential for powder mildew, pest infestation, prevents the cuttings from transpiring naturally and can delay rooting times.

19.) Does my pump need to run continuously 24 hours a day?
Running your water pump continuously is recommended though cycling your water pump may produce longer roots quicker. A thirty minute on thirty minute off cycle has produced the longest roots the quickest.

20.) Who do I call when these FAQ’s don’t answer my not so frequently asked questions?
1-866-EZCLONE or email technical support at techsupport@ezclone.com.

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