Bluelab Combo Meter

Keep your plant propagation cycles green and healthy by sticking with Bluelab!

In the world of hydroponic gardening, the pH or potential hydrogen of your nutrient solution is extremely important and directly correlates to the health of your plants. As you transition away from soil which can act as a buffer aiding in nutrient uptake when pH is less than ideal, you will need to monitor your pH much closer.

When measuring pH, it is highly recommended that you use a digital meter as you will get the most accurate reading. Using litmus paper will and does work, but leaves some level of interpretation as determining the pH is based on a color scale. Could be even more difficult if you were color blind too.

Selecting the best meter can be a confusing and daunting task. There are many brands to choose from with varying prices depending on features and usability. When using a digital meter you are relying on that product to feed you accurate data. While there is some degree of user responsibility with keeping your probes clean and calibrated so that your meter can take accurate readings, starting with a superior meter is best. Not only is it important to get accurate readings, but the promptness of how fast the readings can be trusted is also very valuable. If you have a meter that takes a long time to read accurately, then you will be losing time and money.

When it comes to my babies, or clones, I do not skimp! I get exceptional results because I use exceptional equipment. I rely on Bluelab meters in my grow room. Their slogan says it all, “Success by Simplicity” and when you, like me, like growing the EZ way, there is no other option. It’s not by luck that I discovered Bluelab products either. After testing and using most meters available on the market I came across Bluelab. Prior to Bluelab I was accustom to slow read outs, inconsistent readings and limited temperature functions. Too keep it simple, I’m very happy I found Bluelab.


From the first time I tried Bluelab I was in love. Their Combo Meter is my favorite, as it has the capabilities of measuring EC, pH and temp. All three are crucial for taking cloning to the next level. With the Bluelab Combo Meter, I can easily take a reading, record daily variances and dial in my cycle to the optimum conditions for the particular species I am propagating at that time.


Remember when taking EC, pH or temp readings, it is always recommended to extract a small sample of your nutrient solution and dip your probes in the sample to test. This way once you have recorded your readings you can discard your sample and have little worry about contaminating your system with a bacteria infested probe. It’s common to overlook the monthly cleaning recommendation from the manufacture which can lead to bacteria and pathogen problems. Especially with the pH probe as it is kept moist all the time.


Bluelab guardian meter.


Bluelab Guardian keeping watch!

On your next cycle, take it to the next level and take your readings with a Bluelab meter. They offer a variety of meters to fit all of your growing needs and budget! Go blue and keep it green!