IR Thermometer Laser


Playing with lasers and ray guns was a favorite past time of mine as a young sprout. As I grew older, my love for imaginary battles faded as I began to discover gardening. Starting outdoors with a small vegetable garden and later progressing to indoor gardening, I had to learn how to best influence my indoor environment so that optimal growth could occur.

Last summer in the middle of a heat wave my AC went out. Luckily for me I was able to get a technician on site in no time troubleshooting the problem. As he began poking around looking for the cause of the AC failure, he pulled out what looked to be a gun. While it wasn’€™t a “€œgun”€ it came stock with a laser sight and sweet holster. He was using an IR Thermometer. An infrared thermometer can take a temperature reading without contacting the surface you are trying to measure or read.


IR Thermometer

Using the laser as a guide, the technician was able to point the laser at any spot in the room and take an accurate temperate reading. Upon witnessing this, my growing mind bloomed with ideas of how this tool could be used for gardening and connecting me back with my inner child. After the AC was fixed and the technician had left, I hopped online and purchased my own IR Thermometer and waited for UPS.

Once my new toy had arrived it was like I was seven all over again. I was pointing my laser gun everywhere and taking temperature readings of everything. But, in the grow room is where it came most handy. I now had the ability to take instant temperature readings on my canopy and observe how the heat dissipated as the light worked its way through the canopy. Having the power to identify hot spots, allowed me to better situate my plants to reduce stress.

My mature plants weren’t the only ones who benefited from my new acquisition, so did my clones. Taking a temperature reading of my reservoir temps had never been so EZ. Just point and pull the trigger. Root zone temperature is one of the most influential factors with getting abundant roots faster. I recommend reservoir temps between 70-85 degrees, but the closer to 85 the better. Just be sure to use EZ-CLONE Clear Rez to help prevent any unwanted bacteria and pathogens throughout your cycle.

Harnessing the power of the IR Thermometer in the your grow room is a sure fire way to keep your temps in check and your plants happy. Do you use IR Thermometers in your grow room? Let us know how they work for you in the comments section below.