EZ-CLONE broken 360º mister

Strange sounds coming from your Cloning Machine

Ever walk into your grow room to discover a new and interesting sound? A ballast humming louder, a fan not working properly or perhaps a new sound coming from your EZ-CLONE. Depending on the sound, the severity of the issue may not be plant life threatening, but should be remedied in a timely manner.

When your water level drops below your water pump intake your pump will begin sucking in air and not just water. When air is drawn through your pump it creates pressure differences on your pumps impeller which can result in a pump failure. When air begins to enter your pump, you may notice rattling sounds. If this occurs you should immediately correct this and add more solution to your reservoir to prevent a pump failure.

Another similar sounding issue can occur in a 360º mister that is broken. If a mister breaks and snaps off, then it will create a powerful jet stream. Depending on the pump and manifold assembly position, this jet stream of water could pop a cloning collar right out of the lid causing a potential leak. If you notice a geyser spewing out the top of the lid quickly replace the mister.

If the broken mister is spraying the lid, then that will also produce a unique sound. While this is not a plant life threatening issue, you should still get on it sooner than later to prevent future complications.

If the mister has snapped and there is no mister material to grab onto, I find that a small Philips or straight screwdriver will easily remove any stuck mister. Just be sure you don’t damage the threads in the manifold. You can back out the mister or screw it down into the manifold. If you screw it into the manifold then rattle it around until it falls out the ¾”€ opening the riser threads into.

So listen carefully the next time you cycle your system and learn the sounds of your growing environment. That way if anything is out of sink you will be able to identify it with out seeing it!