EZ-CLONE Aeroponic Lettuce


Growing lettuce is a fun, easy and rewarding crop to grow. It can be grown indoors or out, in a container gardens or sowed directly in the soil. Lettuce performs very well in hydroponic and aeroponic applications, making the possibility of growing fresh lettuce limitless.

Up until today the EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning System has primarily been used for the beginning stages of life, propagation and cloning. But, this easy to use root producing machine can be used for so much more too!

Lettuce is a fast growing crop that is usually started from seed and rarely ever cloned because of its fast growth rate, making it perfect for growing in an aeroponic environment like an EZ-CLONE.

Lettuce Roots in an EZ-CLONE

I started lettuce seeds in the EZ-CLONE and continued growing them with little hassle or maintenance required. A simple pH calibration in the beginning and weekly reservoir top offs with fresh nutrients and Clear Rez kept my lettuce producing and growing strong!

The EZ-CLONE Classic 16 site Cloning System is perfect for not only producing the best and healthiest clones possible, but also make a great counter top system for lettuce production right on your kitchen counter.

Aeroponic lettuce roots produced in an EZ-CLONE.

By producing and growing your own lettuce right in your own kitchen, you will be more inclined to eat and use the fresh healthy produce you grow. By growing indoors you will also minimize your chances of a pest infestation. On top of all the fresh salads you will be growing, you will also have a unique addition to your kitchen that will intrigue friends and guests.

By placing your EZ-CLONE near a window that receives good sunlight, you will not need any additional lighting. Though the more light you can provide the faster your produce will grow and the bigger your salads will be.

Lettuce grown in an EZ-CLONE Aeroponic cloning system

So, once you’re done with cloning this season continue using your EZ-CLONE and start a counter top salad bar! Remember the EZ-CLONE is a great propagation machine, but don’t limit yourself.