Barbies taking a dip in an EZ-CLONE Aeroponic cloing system


We all love cloning in our EZ-CLONE. I mean, who doesn’t like producing stellar roots, replicating crops, preserving genetics and saving time and money? Thankfully, that is what the EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning System in known for. But, did you know there are many other uses for your EZ-CLONE that don’t even surround gardening or growing? Have you ever cycled your water pump and manifold with out the lid on?

It can be difficult introducing young budding gardeners to growing. By making it fun and entertaining, you will able to more easily rope in your audience and get them intrigued and excited. Making a Barbie dream spa from your EZ-CLONE is a fun and easy way to get those doll loving little helpers out in the yard with you. By cycling your pump and manifold assembly with out the lid capturing the spray, you will produce a water fountain spectacle that would please even the most high maintenance Barbie.

I would recommend using a clean system. Once you have properly cleaned and sterilized your EZ-CLONE and rinsed any remaining bleach water, fill your system up to the manifold. Be sure to fill with as much water possible. With out a lid to retain the water your water level will decrease. Make certain to not let the water level drop below the pump as this can damage and ruin your water pump. If you adjust the flow rate of your hose and leave it in your system, then you won’t have to be as concerned with the water level.

EZ-CLONE repurposed into an Barbie spa

On the next hot day grab a hose, your EZ-CLONE, assuming you are not in the middle of your cloning cycle, your little helper and their friends and enjoy spending some quality time together in the garden. Not only will your helpers love spending time with you and there dolls, but you will also be watering the lawn. Nothing like catching two birds with one hand!

For the more masculine gardener, your EZ-CLONE could transform into a dinosaur oasis or monster truck wash, the possibilities are endless with a creative imagination! And if no other toys are available did I mention the EZ-CLONE works wonders as a fun fountain to play in and jump around on those warm summer days!

What other uses can you think of for your EZ-CLONE when not cloning? We love to hear from you in the comments section below! Splish splash put the Barbie in the bath I mean EZ-CLONE! Keep it green!