EZ-CLONE 60 with Basil Cuttings on the road.

Plant Cloning on the road.

When traveling I am constantly coming across many plants I would like to grow and cultivate myself, in my own yard. Before I knew about or how to clone plants, the only way I could remember those special plants I came across on my journeys, were with photographs. While a photo is worth a thousand words, it can not bring back the smell or taste of a that exquisite specimen.

Plant Cloning: preserves genetic traits, allows for easy and rapid crop replication and saves you time and money. Whether or not you’re a hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic, soil or simple container gardner, cloning is perfect for you. Cloning your current varieties and extending there life is a great way to maximize and grow your dollar too. But, cloning new varieties and increasing your collection is also nice!

When you are on your travels and come across a new variety you would like to add to your collection take a cutting of said plant and be sure to keep it moist and in a cool dark environment. Once you arrive back home, you can either re-cut and stick in your EZ-CLONE to begin the propagation process, or you can store your cutting in the refrigerator for a later date. Just don’t wait too long and be sure they stay moist.

A simple ziplock bag with a fully saturated paper towel wrapped around the cuttings is a great way to temporarily preserve your cutting until you can get it in your EZ-CLONE. I have also used water bottles filled with water and cuttings placed in the bottle. Wide mouth Nalgene bottles work well for this method.

If you are trying to take multiple cuttings, then it might be best to look into a cooler or larger thermos, as they will help prevent against over heating. In a cooler you can segregate varieties and collect many specimens for later. Just remember to quarantine your new cuttings before introducing them into your sterile grow room if they are destined for the indoor world.

Next time you take a trip feel free to take a snip of that plant you’ve always wanted!