Insects on leaf

Dipping clones for pest.

Coming into a grow room with an unpleasant surprise, like a pest infestation for example, is never a good time. But, knowing the proper procedures for correcting such a mishap can allow you to come out smelling like a rose. The best way to eliminate a pest problem is to start fresh from square one.

While starting from square one can seem like a devastating and time consuming task, you will be able to recover much faster and will not be chasing your tail. Time and time again I would search for the cure all quick fix that would allow me to possibly spray my plants and treat the problem. But, nothing ever seemed to work. I quickly learned there is no simple fix for a serious problem and a bandaid over a severed limb is not a proper solution.

clone rooted in an ezclone

Taking cuttings and discarding the infected plants is a great way of eliminating your pest problem. By only keeping cuttings, you can easily treat and monitor your cutting to insure you have eliminated the pest. Removing all infected plants will also allow you to get in your grow room and thoroughly clean and sanitize it. Once you have cleaned and sanitized your room, you can start fresh with new cuttings after they’ve rooted.

Treating cuttings is much easier than trying to spray and thoroughly coat a mature plant. Instead of spraying your cuttings you can dip them in a premixed solution of your choice insuring you are getting a complete coating. When spraying larger plants it is hard to spray everywhere. While you may kill all the adults, you most likely will miss some eggs and after a week of feeling like you have eliminated your pest problem they will begin to pop back up again, restarting the previous problem.

So, next time you experience a problem start fresh with clean dipped cuttings. Your cutting will grow faster once the stress of the pest is eliminated and your head aches will be gone. Don’t make the same mistakes I have by looking for shortcuts. Just take cuttings, remove infected plants, clean and sanitize your grow room and take preventive measures the next go around. Prevent pest problems by spraying at regular intervals or by using beneficial insects to combat any unwanted intruders.