Tomato cutting rooting aeroponically in an EZ-CLONE


Man has tilled the ground since time immemorial to sow seeds, then waited on the mercy of the heavens to provide some rain so he could have some food. Things have moved on a little bit from then as more modern methods of food production are developed. The tomato plant has proven to be one of the most popular plants to grow, in part due to ease of cultivation and the relatively fast growing cycle.

However, there are a few challenges to growing tomatoes the natural way. These include the following:

When it comes to space tomatoes can be a bit demanding, this becomes an issue when space is a premium or you are growing indoors
They require feeding every 10-14 days
They are susceptible to diseases such as tomato leaf mold, tomato blight and blossom end rot

If you are short of space but would like to enjoy indoor gardening then you have to learn the aeroponic technique for indoor tomato growing. This technique is the quickest way to get a tomato to root indoors.

What is aeroponics?

It is a technique of growing plants with very little water and no soil. This goes against the beliefs most people have about growing plants, we were all taught in school that plants need soil to grow, this is not entirely true and the aeroponics is the evidence. Aeroponics has been proven as a sustainable, efficacious and economical method of growing a number of plants including tomatoes. This method allows you to maximize the available growing space as plants grow vertically and horizontally.

Advantages of Growing Tomatoes Aeroponically

People who have adopted aeroponics for indoor tomato growing have remarked on the clear benefits this process presents over traditional growing methods such as hydroponics. The other advantages include the following:

You do not require a large growing space to propagate a large and healthy tomato crop
Tomato cuttings are ready for propagation in as little as 10 days
As a grower you will enjoy faster turn-around times from planting to harvesting, making aeroponics a very efficient method for growing tomatoes on a commercial scale
You will enjoy a significantly bigger yield as the fruiting cycle is shorter compared to other growing methods
Aeroponics is also a cheaper method of growing tomatoes, you save on growing pots and water usage

How To Get Started

With the right tools and knowledge getting started with aeroponics is easy. EZ-CLONE is the leading aeroponic growing system, award winning, endorsed by the Hydro industry and created by keen growers. EZ-CLONE is a cloning system which will allow your clones to grow quickly and develop roots fast. The kit comes with everything you need to start cloning as well as great instructions and amazing support from the team. Ditch getting your hands dirty and start growing indoors. For the quickest way to get a tomato plant to root indoors aeroponically there is only one way, EZ-CLONE.