Aeroponic growing in an EZ-CLONE

What an Aeroponic Garden Is All About

There are many different growing methods to choose from when the safety and health of your plants is what’s first to come to mind. However, if you’d prefer to grow using the suspension of plants, Aeroponic Growing is recommended.

What is Aeroponic Growing?

The Aeroponic Garden process involves the growing of plants in an environment of air or mist. This is done without using soil or another aggregate medium, such as geoponics. This growing method is much different from the conventional hydroponics and aquaponics. The Aeroponics growing system is conducted without using any type of growing medium, unlike hydroponics, which uses liquid solutions, or aquaponics, which uses fish waste.

How Does Aeroponic Gardening Work?

When growing plants using the Aeroponic method, you will have to grow then suspended in either a closed environment, or a semi-closed one. The roots should be sprayed with water that’s rich with a nutrient solution. Your growing environment will be free of pests, which will allow the plants to grow a lot quicker and a lot healthier.

The root systems can be sensitive, and because of this, Aeroponics is recommended to be combined with hydroponics. This will act as a safety crutch: a backup of water supply and nutrition for your plants, should your aeroponic device fail.

Why Aeroponic Growing Nurtures the Happiest Plants

Root growing in an EZ-CLONE

Oxygen is essential to the successful, healthy production of your plants. With aeroponics, air is combined with water. It’s because of this incredible supply of oxygen and water that allows a plant to mature in the air.

Aeroponic growing offers an increased aeration solution, as it delivers more oxygen to the roots of your plants. This helps prevent the growth of pathogens.And it’s because of the plant’s minimal contact with the aeroponic device that allows plants to be supported entirely in the air.

Aeroponics also limits the transmission of diseases from plant to plant, as the contact between plants are reduced. And if a plant does become diseased, it can easily be removed from the aeroponic structure without disturbing other plants.

With the use of sprayers, misters and foggers, aeroponic systems are capable of providing a reliable, constant culture of air. As a result, plants will always receive the required, daily nutrients they require. Plants will also be able to grow up to 50 percent faster, as well as avoid contact with any soil pests and fungus.

It’s safe to remember, however, that growing with Aeroponics means maintaining the support system. If anything breaks, your plants will be in danger. There’s also a lot of technical knowledge required and regular cleaning. But it’s a small price to pay for the benefit of your plants.


Aeroponics involves a misting process, which allows plants to be suspended in the air while receiving all the water, nutrients and oxygen they need. Home gardeners, nurseries, and greenhouses can all take advantage of this incredible growing method, and can receive amazing results in the enhanced growing of their plants. The aeroponics device is relatively easy to set up; you don’t need much space. With its benefits outweighing the minor drawbacks it may have, you can be sure that aeroponic gardening will ensure a quality, stable environment for your plants to grow.