EZ-CLONE Aeroponic Lettuce


Using an aeroponic system to grow produce is a great way to garden, but if you want to grow the best produce possible, there are a few things that you should know. Aeroponics is a very effective system for growing certain types of plants, but you can go wrong if you don’t know what you are doing. Here are some tips to help you grow the best fruits and veggies possible.

Growing the Right Plants in an Aero System

While just about any plant can be grown with aeroponics, an aeroponic system seems to work best with produce like lettuce. However, the list of plants that can be grown with an aeroponic system is quite large and includes vegetables, houseplants, bedding and nursery stock.

Ensure Your Delivery System is Working

Whatever type of pump system that you are using to give your plants nutrients, make sure that it is working properly. Since the plants are not getting their nutrients from the soil, they are relying on this system to make sure they can get what they need and grow. Check for things like stopped nozzles, because the nutrients do contain salts and other compounds that can build up and clog your nozzles. It is also important to make sure that your equipment is clean and sanitary. The best way to do this is rubbing the nozzles down with isopropyl. Also, since aeroponics is the perfect environment for harmful fungi and bacteria to grow, your equipment will be more susceptible to this than other techniques. You can prevent this by using hydrogen peroxide, but you will also kill off the good bacteria and fungus that you might want, and you want to be careful that you don’t use too much hydrogen peroxide and kill the plant roots.

Lettuce Roots in an EZ-CLONE

Your Root Box & Your Aeroponic System

You should have your roots in total darkness inside of the root box. None of the moisture should be escaping from the box, and there should be no penetration of sunlight or your grow lights. Even a little bit of leaking mist will mean wasted moisture and nutrients that could have made your produce grow better.

Use a Full-Service Aeroponic System

If you are serious about aeroponics then you should be using a full-service aeroponic system like EZ-CLONE. You will find that these systems can increase your plant growth and give you benefits that you wouldn’t have gotten by growing aeroponically yourself, and an aeroponic system like these will include solutions for some of the key problems discussed here as well, such as keeping your equipment clean.