2014 EZ-CLONE Trade Show Booth pre-show


The 2014 Indoor Garden Expo is right around the corner! Do you feel the buzz? Are you getting excited? The whole EZ-CLONE crew is getting hyped up for this coming weekend! We’ll be in San Mateo for the Maximum Yield Indoor Grow Expo 2014! Be sure to stop by booth 1035 to see whats new and taking root at EZ-CLONE.

Starting in late June, our internal trade show clock goes off and it’s all hands on deck to get the booth ready to show! Just like taking a cutting, the success of the trade show relies on a solid foundation with deep roots. From there we can grow the show and allow it to bloom and flourish. Preparation is the key! By starting early and double checking everything we can minimize any potential problems. Like forgetting a display item, don’t want that to happen. Notice any similarities to cloning?

During the trade show we love the opportunity to connect with our customers, assist with any growing problems and connect on face to face level with our supporters. It’s not only a time to show case our outstanding product line, but to also show we are no different than our customers. WE are all part of this growing industry and love surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals such as yourself!

This year we are excited to introduce our new EZ-CLONE Colored Cloning Collars. That’s right, we are producing EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars in white, grey, green and purple! Now it’s easier than ever to color coordinate your different varieties. This unique material is a perfect balance between our current Hard and Soft Cloning Collars. Providing you the best of both worlds, but in vivid color! Available in packs of 35 and easy to order on our website.

We also have two killer shirts this year, but in limited supply! We even produced a ladies tank top, why? Because Females Rock! But don’t fear, if you won’t be able to make it to the show, you can purchase one here! Stay suited and booted when taking cuttings!


EZ-CLONE Females Apparel - Females Rock Tank Front

EZ-CLONE Mens Apparel Rooting Cali Trees Back

We look forward to meeting or reconnecting with you. If you have any feedback or recommendations please share! Keep it green!