EZ-CLONE Booth at the 2014 Indoor Garden Expo


Year after year we are constantly impressed by this industry! EZ-CLONE was rooted in booth 1035 and 1134 for the 2014 Indoor Garden Expo in San Mateo / San Francisco. We had an excellent show and greatly enjoyed meeting and connecting on a more personal level with our valued customers.

When we arrived Friday morning we were excited to see plenty of close parking and enough room for our big rig to safely turn around, making unloading a breeze! Never has it been so smooth! From this point on we could already tell it was going to be a stellar show, especially with this solid first step. Upon locating our booth space we were greeted with another abnormality, our two pallets were not in our booth! They were in the isle next to our booth space… what a concept, placing pallets out of the way so that booths can be set up in their designated area. It can be discouraging at times when you must first unload your pallet and move it so carpet can be laid prior to setting up the booth. This year our booth was set up in record time! With the booth ready for the show we could now rest peacefully.

The noon start time on Industry day was also a new surprise. The VIP seminar and growers den mixed things up and allowed for a great learning experience. What better way to grow, but to learn! The show started at noon and took a little while to get rolling, but once it was, it quickly gained momentum! Showing off new products, like our EZ-CLONE Colored Collars, discussing best practices when cloning aeroponically and simply saying thank you to all our customers consumed all of Saturday.

Saturday night was also a first, no industry party, what? Even without a huge party we had a great time with fellow industry members! How can you not have a good time when surrounded by hydro people? The simple answer is, impossible!

Sunday morning came way too soon, the show was coming to a close. With our energy levels on reserve we checked out of our hotel and headed to the show for end consumer day! Once the doors opened there was a steady flow of traffic, it was announced several times over the loud speaker that this show had the largest attendance ever. I guess that just means the industry is growing, which is always a good thing. We gave out all our samples and t shirts to our loving customers and enjoyed putting a face to a name!

At the end of the show we said our good byes and packed up our booth. Just like when we got to the show, we experienced the best service from the teamsters. Friendly, willing and helpful only begins to describe the service we saw. We were loaded in no time and back on the road to Sacramento once again in record time!

Thank you Maximum Yield for hosting such a great show, once again you out did yourselves. We would also like to say thank you to all our fellow industry peers and customers, with out you, we wouldn’t be here, for that, THANK YOU! Like every year, we look forward to next year and can’t wait to see how the industry has grown. Until next time keep it green! Get Rooted. Get Growing!