Aeroponic Growing€” In A Natural World

Just think about this: 300 years ago, every human being on this planet had the “Good Mother Earth”€ to thank for our daily harvest. We ate, drank, harvested, grew and hunted for our sustenance.

aeroponically started tomato from an EZ-CLONE

The simplicity of our lives was measured in our waking hours to our sleeping hours as the time to recharge our stocks of edibles. Plant foods were grown in our own gardens and our proteins were provided by our local wild life. Growing your own was the rule of the day, there were no other options. We availed the land of its treasures and tended our crops so that our families could be sustained and thrive. Survival of the fittest and most green thumbed ;)

This method of homegrown foods had been used since the first human stood tall and provided for themselves as well as their extended families. Fruits, vegetables, melons and spices were grown in our backyards utilizing the soil and droppings from our livestock. Sanitation was not the most important consideration, but high yields were. We became very successful at bringing our families the good things on earth.

Starting seeds the natural way

People ate drank and lived a good life. The pressures that we have today were completely in the future. All the modern conveniences were not at hand, but early humans made the best of their natural surroundings.

The Growth of Humanity

As time went forward, our natural instincts brought industrialization, power generation, technology and movement from place to place. We developed the technology to expand our palate through new ways to grow and enhance our daily diet. We found ways to grow more and to extend the life of our harvest. Chemicals brought resistance to germs and other bacteria which prolonged the lifespan and integrity of our food products. But, we lost our way throughout the last few hundred years.

We discovered that by providing more and more food products to the public, we also provided the sources of human suffering in the way of intolerance to our historical food products. Each chemical we utilized to enhance the quality of our foods, opened a new avenue for human diseases and suffering. Cancer and heart disease became prevalent throughout humanity.

“€œIn all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” -€” Aristotle (384 B.C. – 322 B.C.)

This was written by Aristotle more than 2,000 years ago. If we can begin to live this phrase we will begin to heal ourselves and our families from the new scourges of industrialization. With the development of our cities and the continued growth of populations that gather around our cities, we no longer have the land area to grow our own crops. A rather new development or what some call a movement in underway. It’s called “HYDROPONIC GARDENING”.

Anyone can develop their own HYDROPONIC or AEROPONIC GARDEN, right under the noses of their families. One of the most intriguing areas of this current and future source of our sustenance is through the installation of your very own €œAeroponic System€.

An Aeroponic System is simply rapid plant growth achieved through an oxygen and nutrient rich environment. Technology has provided a system using micro-jets to spray the roots directly which promotes root and vegetable growth. This is accomplished through intense oxygenation.

Aeroponic growing is ecologically the friendliest method for producing natural, large homegrown plants and homegrown crops. Aeroponics uses the least amount of water and energy per square foot of any other type of growing area.

Systems are available for Aeroponic growth that range from a few potted plants to multiple growing areas for a massive output of fresh and natural edibles.

Because vegetables and other plant life are grown without soil, it can be healthier and safer to produce these crops utilizing only water and mist. Aeroponic Systems differ from Hydroponic systems using the water and mist developed by the system and not nutrients and other pesticides that are introduced into the hydroponic process.

gardening aeroponically produces superior roots

EZ-CLONE starting seeds aeroponically

We are moving backwards in time to an easier time just like our ancestors. We are the masters of our personal universe and we can provide for our families without introducing harmful processes into our food supply. Our health will improve, and our longevity will increase through the naturalization of our foodstuffs.

The low cost method of Aeroponics can bring these wonderful food products to our families table and bring us back to a more responsible lifestyle.