Treat your plants right and start growing aeroponically

Plant ethics is a controversial subject at the best of times even though very few people make that consideration when they start an indoor or outdoor garden. Happy plants make good, tasty and juicy food and aeroponic growing is one way of ensuring that your plants grow happy.

aeroponic roots growing aeropoincally

Aeroponics allows indoor gardeners the opportunity to lovingly care for their plants. By providing the optimal growing conditions such as closely controlled temperatures, adequate lighting and nutrients, you can rest assured that your crop of indoor tomatoes will happy and healthy. Also an aeroponic growing system ensures that your plants are provided with all the nutrients they need to grow and develop fast. Indoor tomato growing is well suited to aeroponic growing.


Aeroponic tap root from a seeds started aeroponically in an EZ-CLONE

Here are tsome of the advantages of growing aeroponically:

Plants are protected from disease that is usually prevalent in soil grown crops and plants
Plant roots are suspended in air and are therefore free to grow in whatever direction and however long they wish
Plants are stronger and will fruit for longer with a bigger yield


Aeroponic roots growing
EZ-CLONE specialize in designing and creating aeroponic systems which are automated to provide the necessary nutrients to the roots of your plants. For the leading aeroponics equipment and knowledge check out EZ-CLONE.