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EZ-CLONE aeroponic growing system

Starting a new hobby can be exciting. If you are looking to take up something different why not give indoor gardening a try? Now before you start thinking about your lack of “green fingers” and stacking up excuses about lack of space and your bad back, let me tell you all that is not necessary.

EZ-CLONE aeroponic growing system chrysanthemum

Aeroponic growing systems are an easy to take up this hobby, useful because you will get some fresh home grown tomatoes, potatoes or lettuces. It also requires very limited space, unlike hydroponics or traditional gardening, and you will not have to watch the weather reports like a hawk either. Aeroponics is a technique used to clone, propagate and root plants in air. Unlike traditional gardening you do not need soil to grow the plants as an aeroponic growing system will deliver nutrients directly to the roots of the plants as a mist or spray.

roots in an EZ-CLONE aeroponic growing system

Aeroponic growing systems are indeed an exciting experience and all you need is a growing system and some training on how to use the system to grow your favorite vegetables. EZ-CLONE manufactures aeroponic plant cloning systems with excellent how to guides provided to help new growers just like you to get up and running. Check out EZ-CLONE to see the systems available and ask the helpful staff any questions you may have about getting started.