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The three things you must have for great Aeroponic Growing

For your aeroponic growing endeavor to be a resounding success you will need three main things. This article tells what those things are and helps you to enjoy indoor gardening success.

Grow lights -€“ these are essential to ensure that your plants get the light they need to synthesize food so that they grow. Unlike mushroom which can grow in the dark, you will be hard pressed to get a decent tomato crop without some light.

grow lights for areoponic growing

Grow boxes -€“ these will hold your plants roots and is where the nutrients will be delivered direct to the plant’s root system. Unlike in hydroponics where the roots are in a water medium, your aeroponics grow box has the root suspended in air. Make sure you exclude all light from the grow box as this will damage the roots.

aeroponic growing peppers

Nutrient delivery system -€“ this is the key to aeroponics and you will need a delivery system which provides the nutrient rich mist your plant will rely on to grow, directly to the root system. A great aeroponic growing system will deliver the correct amount of nutrients at the right time intervals to ensure optimum growth of your plants and improve yields.

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