EZ-CLONE aeroponic gardening system


Aeroponic gardening systems have distinct advantages over hydroponic growing and this short article explores the top reasons why.

Aeroponic gardening systems produce great results

One of the most obvious advantages is the fact that an aeroponic gardening system is a much “lighter” growing system than hydroponics due to the simple fact that water physically weighs more than air. This means that the weight of equipment required to supports a hydroponics system is considerably more than its aeroponic counterpart. This in some instances limits the types of locations where you can use hydroponics in cloning, growing and propagating different plants.

With aeroponics the plant roots are exposed to 100% oxygen and CO2 which leads to faster rooting and biomass growth. Other advantages are:

Reduced water usage and cost since the all water not absorbed by the plants is retained within the system for reuse

Growers retain greater control on plant nutrient levels as they are in control of nutrients introduced into the growing system

Enhanced crop yields, lower growing costs and lower time to maturity

EZ-CLONE roots in an aeroponic gardening systems

Aeroponic gardening systems are an ideal solution if you have limited space and works for indoor tomato growing as well as other plants too. For more information on aeroponics check out the EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning Systems.