Healthy Roots in an EZ-CLONE

EZ-CLONE Produces Healthy Roots

Healthy roots give healthy plants!

Being healthy is the key to fitness and wellness. Sometimes, we often eat and drink the wrong food and wrong drinks. These unhealthy and junk foods and drinks always hinder us from being the person who we want to be—a healthy, fit, well person who always encourage others to be healthy and does the work with more energy left. Eating the right food is not bad. Most likely, eating food such as the root crops or root plants is much healthier since it comes directly from the source with no added preservatives and chemicals. Not like much of our food today such as canned goods, instant noodles, processed meat/dairy such as hotdogs and processed cheese. Some of these foods may break our body slowly without us noticing it.

Healthy Roots produced in an EZ-CLONE

Healthy lifestyle with healthy roots and vegetables

Fats and cholesterol are the things that slowly kill and slow us down. We would never want that to happen to any of us. Eating healthy root crops and vegetables really corrects our way instead of eating high calorie food products. These are some healthy root crops or vegetables that have healthy and nutritional value, and are the following: These are carrots, parsnips, beets, kohlrabi, radishes, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. All of these are healthy root crops and veggies. Carrots contain low-sodium substances and high in Vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and protects the body from diseases and viruses. Some dieticians and nutritionists use this as their main food and substitute for the food the person was eating before. All healthy root crops and vegetables contain fiber and slow-digesting carbohydrates. Unlike any other healthy root crops, beet has a red-color pigment that contains a substance called, belatain. Belatain acts as anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents when ingested by people. One more thing, onion and garlic also belong to the healthy root family. Garlic contains sulfur-containing molecules which is healthy for the blood cells and helps in relaxing and stabilizing blood pressure. Another healthy root vegetable or crop is called rutabaga—also known as swede in other countries. Moreover, ginseng is widely used as medicine as well as other root medicinal plants and yam is a further substitute of rice. Moreover, yam has low calories and ginseng is a healing herb. Lastly, ginger also has that soothing fragrance and vocal-healing properties that is the cause of its widespread fame. Overall, healthy root vegetables and plants can be found almost in all farmers’ market, and fruit and vegetables market. Not only is that it’s healthy, but also affordable. You won’t have to worry anymore about your money being spent wrongly—because you are doing it right when you spend it for these healthy roots.

I would be rooting for it!

All of these healthy root crops all have positive results and outcomes on the body and was never negative. All of these thinking make me hungry. So, always remember; don’t buy anymore food junk. Buy those that are healthy, especially healthy root crops and vegetables. Trust them, they provide you necessary nutrients on your everyday lives.