Experiencing the magic, growing your own aeroponic roots!

Producing your own is a great way to not only enjoy excellent and fresh produce, but to also get a great sense of accomplishment. Growing aeroponically and producing aeroponic roots in mid air is a fascinating experience to witness right before your very eyes. Discover how simple it is to start your own aeroponic garden and how to begin growing your own aeroponic roots.


It all started with my first EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning System. Being new to gardening and on a budget I needed to figure out how to produce more from what I had. All answers pointed to aeroponic cloning. Aeroponic propagation is a great way to replicate crops, preserve genetic all while saving you time and money.

Once I had my new EZ-CLONE set up and ready for cutting I began cloning. I simply took a cutting from my favorite tomato plant and placed in my EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning System. After about a weeks time I began to notice the first signs of aeroponic roots. These small white bumps or callouses are a tell tale sign that roots will becoming soon!

Aeroponic roots about to grow in an EZ-CLONE

Just as expected within a day I now had visible aeroponic roots! In less then two weeks I felt like I had grown from novice to pro, mainly thanks to my EZ-CLONE. With this new found courage and love of producing aeroponic roots I transplanted my rooted cuttings, cleaned my EZ-CLONE and began my next cloning cycle in attempts of the best aeroponic roots possible.

Aeroponic roots growing in mid airAeroponic roots growing in mid air

With out ever blinking I had rooted myself in the aeroponic world and gone from consumer to producer. Who would have thought, growing from one single bush to a forest could be so fun, easy and rewarding.

You too can easily begin experiencing the magic and growing your own aeroponic roots right in mid air! Feel free to comment on your experience and show off your roots! Keep it green!