Discover the trick of Aeroponic Propagation for The Tower Garden

Aeroponic propagation allows you to easily preserve genetics, replicate your crop all while saving you time and money. Rooting cuttings in mid air and producing bare root cuttings through aeroponic propagation is a great way to keep your favorite varieties around and producing!

aeroponic propagation

Using the EZ-CLONE for aeroponic propagation is highly recommended. The EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning System sprays a nutrient solution on bare stems signaling the freshly cut cutting to grow and propagate roots. This form of plant propagation is great for gardeners with limited space and who like to grow year around. Starting in the EZ-CLONE is as simple as plug and play. Usually with in 14 days your cuttings will have visible roots.

The Tower Garden is vertical gardening system that allows you to grow a number of plants with in a limited foot print. While this full term aeroponic system could be used for propagation, I find that aeroponic propagation is best in an EZ-CLONE. But, once fully rooted, the Tower Garden is a great home for your plants. Aeroponic growing allows you to produce great results with minimal resources.

roots growing from aeroponic propagation

Once you are ready to transplant from your EZ-CLONE Plant Propagation System to the tower garden simply set up the Tower Garden, calibrate your nutrient solution and begin transplanting. Remove your cutting carefully from your EZ-CLONE and gently insert them into the Tower Garden.

aeroponic roots from aeroponic propagation

Once you have filled your tower garden its time to make it rain, well not really. By plugging in the tower garden you will begin pumping your nutrient solution up the tower making it rain down like a shower over your bare roots providing them all the nutrients they require. Putting the tower garden on a timer is recommend in lower temperature climates. 30 minutes off and 15 on was recommended from the factory.

tower garden with aeroponic propagation

Think you have what it takes to grow up and begin vertical gardening with aeroponics? If so the Tower Garden is a great choice for you and your garden! Simple, effective and able to produce this aeroponic system is great for any gardener especially when coupled with an EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning System. Are you growing vertically or aeroponically? Tell us about your experience below in the comments section! Keep the community growing and share any useful tips too! Keep it green!