Aeroponic Bare Root Cuttings Can’t be Beat

Starting with the best foundation possible is simple when starting with aeroponic bare root cuttings. Bare root cuttings allow for transplanting into any medium making them the most versatile cuttings. On top of being able to be transplanted into your preferred medium, aeroponic bare root cuttings root faster and are healthier than tradition propagation methods.

aeroponic bare root cuttings in an EZ-CLONE

When you’€™re in it to win it, don’t be beat right from the starting line. Bare root cuttings superior health and vigor allow for minimal transplanting shock which in turn means accelerated growth rates. The faster and bigger your plants are the better. Bare root cuttings allow you to physically see their progress communicating to you when they are ready for the next stage of life. This instantaneous feedback can help you assess and diagnose any potential problems all while giving you more confidence when all is well. Roots are the support system your plants stand on. Growing and maintain this support system is vital to your plants success. Aeroponic bare root cuttings can improve your chances of a more vibrant and lush garden insuring you are only replicating the desired varieties.

Having the ability to produce only what is in demand or personally favored has been a major home gardening landmark thanks to aeroponic propagation. Aeroponic propagation allows you to create many from one in a small foot print. Maximizing space and energy input is something every gardener should consider. Time is money and bare root cuttings are the quickest to root.

bare root cuttings in an ez-clone

Being able to root into midair with out any medium to restrict early stages of root development means your bare root cuttings are free to grow and express themselves as they please. This freedom allows the clones to concentrate more on root propagation. The less stress your cutting can endure before they sprout roots, the better.

EZ-CLONE bare root cuttings

Next time you’re ready to propagate give aeroponic bare root cuttings a try. Witnessing bare root cuttings producing healthy white roots in mid air is a fun and exciting way to experience the greatness of the gardening world. Let us know how your next cycle of bare root cuttings goes. New to aeroponic propagation? Check out EZ-CLONE for more information on getting started with producing your own aeroponic bare root cuttings!