Having to half roots for your Aeroponic Gardening Systems

In the world of indoor gardening, aeroponic gardening systems are some of the best choices for gardening enthusiasts who love great results. Using aeroponics and growing your plant’s root system in mid air can be a fun and rewarding experience that can ignite the gardening bug in anyone. However, producing aeroponically can lead to a common issue… your plants will grow at an accelerated rate quickly consuming your growing area. Not only will the tops of your plants grow quickly, so will your roots. If you are planning on maintaining a mother or donor plant in your aeroponic gardening systems, it’s likely you will need to maintain your root mass as well as the foliage.

trimming roots for aeroponic gardening systems

Trimming your roots might seem like a stressful and potentially detrimental extreme gardening practice. However, it is quite the opposite. Typically when gardening in soil or other aggregate medium you are unable to see your roots and are limited with what you can do with them. This can lead to problems like root rot going undiagnosed in it’s early stages or the potential of becoming unknowingly root bound in a pot or container.


trimmed root n aeroponic gardening systems

Growing in aeroponic grading systems allows you the ability to instantly see and verify your roots mass and health. Vibrant white, thick and abundant roots are common in aeroponic gardening systems. When growing aeroponically for a long period of time or maintaining donor or mother plants roots can become unmanageable and could cause blockages in the system. Staying on top of your roots and monitoring not only there health, but their size is a crucial part of growing for long periods of time.


roots trimmed for aeroponic gardening systems

Even trimming your bare root cutting’s roots produced aeroponically in the aeroponic gardening systems is a great way to allow for longer veg times while still making it manageable for transplanting. Depending on the medium and knowing the size and length of your roots will help you dictate when your cuttings are ready to be transplanted. Soil and other aggregate mediums do best with smaller root masses, while hydroponic and aeroponic gardening systems will do better with larger root systems.


cut roots in aeroponic gardening systems

Try Trimming your roots on one or two of your aeroponic cuttings on your next cloning cycle. See what happens right before your eyes and determine if this gardening practice is right for you. We would love to hear about it, so feel free to post a comment below. Remember we can all grow together if we all help each other out! Keep it green!