Propagating plants and replicating your favorite varieties is a great way to speed up the natural growing process. Propagating roots in mid air through aeroponics is simple, fun and rewarding! Just like removing unneeded or stretching branches from the tops of your plants, you may need to trim your aeroponic roots as well. Propagating roots that are healthy can lead to more cuttings in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to keep your mothers as opposed to continuously creating new donor plants…while keeping your genetics fresh!

Propagating roots aeroponically

One of the major benefits when growing in midair is that you have the ability to see and instantly identify potential problems lurking in your root system. Unlike most growing methods, roots are abled to be pruned and maintained just like the tops of your plants.

If you are growing mother or donor plants aeroponically, they could reach a point where their roots are consuming the majority, if not of their container. When taking a bunch of cuttings from one mother, you are significantly decreasing the amount of foliage your root system must sustain. This imbalance can be easily be offset by removing a proportionate portion of your root system. Propagating roots is no different from propagating cuttings.

massive cutting propagating roots aeroponically

Creating a proportionate root-to-foliage ratio will help your plants maintain greater health while keeping your aeroponic system free from clogging or other problematic obstructions. Growing for extended periods of time can become more and more complicated as the plants continue to grow at an accelerated rate. Combat these difficulties and stay free from headaches by cutting it close and trimming your roots.

Propagating roots in an EZ-CLONE

One final perk to growing your mother plants aeroponically: they will be able to regenerate and produce more cuttings for you then other growing methods. This rapid reproduction of foliage has a lot to do with allowing your roots the freedom to grow where and how they please. While this freedom is a huge benefit, it should also be controlled.

Are your mother plants growing out of control? Keep them contained and living longer by trimming your roots. Propagating roots and keeping them kempt is an important part of making sure your genetics remain unaltered. Some may argue that the more generations you clone from the weaker your genetics many become. Keep your plants close to seed and keep your roots trimmed. Do you have any experience with pruning roots? Let us know about your trials and tribulations below in the comments section. Keep it green… and growing!

Propagating roots in mid air