The results from Clear Rez Aeroponics

Maintaining a vibrant white roots mass is simple with EZ-CLONE Aeroponics. The health of your roots is imperative for vegetative growth and fruitful production. Using Clear Rez as an additive in your system can help you stay bacteria- and pathogen-free, while keeping the internal workings of your aeroponics system free from scale and build up. Keeping your roots white is no longer a challenge, even when running a system for extended cycles.

White roots thanks to Clear Rez aeroponics

When growing in an aeroponic system, your roots are more exposed and susceptible, due to the nature of suspended environment. This can lead to problems that can rapidly become major concerns, sometimes resulting in the death of plants. One simple solution to combating these unfortunate turn of events is to incorporate a small amount of EZ-CLONE Clear Rez. This integral product is an additive that can be used during all stages of your plant’s life€“ perfectly safe for cuttings all the way through harvest…even seeds enjoy! When starting with a clean and sterile aeroponics system, 1oz per 5 gallons of water of EZ-CLONE Clear Rez can help you maintain the perfect conditions for your roots to flourish. Repeat every 5 days to ensure a stable environment. 

Providing an extra layer of defense is always a great idea, especially with bare root cuttings and plants. Bacteria and pathogen control in aeroponics is a great way to minimize your risk while solidifying your reward.

roots trimmed for aeroponic gardening systems

Have you experienced a crystal clear reservoir with EZ-CLONE Clear Rez before? Instead of chasing your tail and constantly fighting a perpetuating bacteria problem, incorporate Clear Rez into your next cycle and experience what happiness is all about…Plants!