Keeping things clean and running smoothly in your clone system is your best bet for great success. Time and time again, cloning machine failure can be linked to poor or inadequate cleaning practices that may lead to reoccurring bacteria problems. One way to combat bacteria is to overhaul the contents of your reservoir. Starting with a fresh and sterile nutrient solution can help minimize your chances of a bacteria infection in your cloning machine. However, during your cloning cycle there is a biology building in the water. As your cuttings begin to root they are becoming accustom to their environment. Each time this changes stress can be induced and growth rates can slow.

roots in an EZ-CLONE clone machine

Changing your reservoir mid-cycle in clone systems can assist with combating a bacteria problem if it’s in the beginning stages. If you think you are experiencing a pathogen or bacteria related problem and are not in the position to terminate your current cycle and re-cut, changing your cloning reservoir might be your only option. Review these common signs of bacteria –

Common Signs of Bacteria –

  • Slime (grey “snot-like goo” developing on your cuttings)
  • Roots turning brown
  • Mushy stems or translucent stems
  • Extreme delay in rooting
  • Foul smell coming from your reservoir
  • Constantly fluctuating pH

Assuming you’€™re using a bacteria control, like EZ-CLONE Clear Rez, and following proper cleaning methods for your cloning machine, you should be able to easily asses if your system requires an “oil change” or reservoir swap.

cut roots in aeroponic gardening systems

Reasons a reservoir swap might be warranted –

  • Change in plant stage of life (i.e. progressing from propagation to vegetative state)
  • Nutrient levels are imbalanced
  • Loss of electric power for extended period of time 
  • Excess debris inside cloning reservoir
  • Change in clarity or color of water
  • Rapid pH fluctuation
  • Your calendar says today is the day!

If your cloning machine is running as recommended and your plants appear green and healthy with vibrant white roots, you may not need to interrupt their cycle. Simply add pure H20 as needed to keep your pump fully submerged and recalibrate your pH and EC accordingly. If you notice a problem developing, the sooner you take action, the better your chances are that you can fix and avoid any detrimental loss.

aeroponic roots in a clone machine

Have you experienced a bacteria related problem in your cloning machine? If so, you’re not alone! Avoid common cleaning related problems and keep your EZ-CLONE water clean and clear. Only change your reservoir between cycles or if you sense a bacterial problem brewing!

Care to share your horror or success stories below? Keep it green!