• Mother/Donor Plant
  • EZ-CLONE Cloning System
  • EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound
  • EZ-CLONE Clear Rez
  • Sterile cutting utensil
  • The desire to clone!

After assembling your unit, the first step is to sterilize your cutting utensil. I use a pair of scissors and sterilize them by dipping them in rubbing alcohol and letting them air dry. Once you are sterilized, you are ready to begin taking cuttings. After you have carefully selected your mother/donor plant, you can begin taking cuttings. Remember to chose only the best and strongest plants to become mother plants: Look for beautiful, constant new growth, no pests, mildew or mold, and plants that are generally stronger and healthier.

Identify where you will be taking your cutting from. It is best to make your cutting right below a node. Remove any excess leaves from the stem by stripping them downward.

Dip your cutting into your EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound and allow for cutting to sit in direct contact with the gel for 30 seconds. After your cutting has sat in the gel, go ahead and insert the cutting into a cloning collar. Finally, place the collar into one of the slots on the lid of the system.

At this time, your aeroponic system should be off and not spraying. Fill up your reservoir with the specified amount of water (FAQ #6). By filling your system while it is off, the stems are allowed even more time to have direct contact with the gel. The rooting compound provides the appropriate amount of hormones and vitamins essential for excellent root development. Don’t worry about the excess gel on your cutting: once the machine is powered on it will rinse off any excess, washing it back into the reservoir where it will become diluted, creating the perfect cloning solution needed for big beautiful roots.

Within a few days you should start to notice callusing along your stem wall with roots soon to follow.
Good luck and remember to keep it green!