Leaving water in your EZ-CLONE system after completing a cycle significantly raises the potential for bacteria and pathogens to infest the system’s inner workings. To put it simply: Stagnant water equals death, according to Scott Thompson-Montague, Chief Reserach Officer here at EZ-CLONE Enterprises, Inc.

There’s one surefire way to decrease the contamination risk in your aeroponic grow system(s), and it comes back to the same old adage we’ve been touting for years: clean, Clean, CLEAN.

Just as sick manifold syndrome occurs, other parts of the system, when left unattended, can become overrun with gunk.€ The best practice is to clean the system and prepare it for a fresh cycle, even if you’€™re not running back-to-back cycles.

Trying to get the system back to its original, new form will save you time in the long run. If you’€™re done cloning for the season, clean the system and store it back in its original packaging or plastic covering to keep dust and debris from coming into contact. Although it does take a little time, good cleaning habits will go a long way in keeping your plants happy and healthy…and isn’t that the goal?

Another tip to keep your system disease-free: clean your drain plug. Because rubber washers are attached to the plug, water can get trapped behind them, creating a haven for bacteria, pathogens and plain-old “gunk.” It’s best to disassemble the drain plug’s components and clean them with a bleach-water solution. Individually hand wash the pieces and rinse thoroughly with water to keep your system disease free!

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