EZ-CLONE Clear Rez

Sustaining a clean EZ-CLONE System — given that it’s that way to start€” can easily be achieved by using a product that also promotes robust root growth. Released in July 2010, the Clear Rez solution was brought to our attention by agriculture experts at the University of California, Davis, a renowned farming institution, and is used in all of their greenhouses and hydroponic systems.

Recommended at the beginning of a new cloning cycle though it can be used throughout all stages of the growth process Clear Rez aeroponics prevents the formation of scale mineral deposits, bio-film and water-borne pathogens. It keeps the EZ-CLONE Systems’ internal workings€” like the manifold, misters and water pump€” clean and improves sanitation while promoting healthier, more robust root growth through increased oxygen intake.

Our most recent research and development has proven that temperatures between 80 and 85 degrees are optimal temperatures for cuttings to develop roots. Clear Rez allows these temperatures to be maintained and keeps the water free of harmful pathogens.

And the best part — besides keeping your system clean and helping root formation€” is that it’s safe, non-toxic and only benefits plant growth. Though the label states, “This product is not intended for food crop sites,” that’s so we can keep the price low and market it quickly and efficiently without registering it with the Environmental Protection Agency. However, the main ingredient Clear Rez is certified organic, which is registered with the EPA.

Don’€™t make it a waste of time to clean your unit; maintain its cleanliness with Clear Rez€” it will keep your unit clean and your water crystal clear.