So…you have an awesome plant. You love it, it’s healthy, resistant to disease and pests, and produces the best fruit you and your friends have ever tasted. You want more but don’t want to start from seed because hey, time is money and there’s only so much we have.

My friend…cloning is your answer. You can grow equally awesome plants from your prized possessions and come out with nearly identical replicas. There are so many reasons to clone happy plants: from eliminating the need for seeds to producing massive quantities in a relatively short time period.

The EZ-CLONE experts€” who may know too much about such things — have compiled a few reasons that cloning is by far the best way to show your mother plant you love her so.

Without further ado, 11 reasons to clone:

1) You have a green thumb and can! Plain and simple.

2) You can create more, and make them better. Cloning, especially in an aeroponic system, produces more plants with the same genetic characteristics.

3) No seeds required! As opposed to growing from seeds — where the plant’s outcome is never certain — cloning guarantees high-quality results, as long as that’s what you begin with.

4) It’s quicker than growing from seed, so you’ll grow happy, healthy plants at a much faster rate.

5) They’re cheap gifts! Once rooted, these baby plants make great gifts for grandma and your brown-thumbed sister. So, if you’re looking to save money or can’t find just the right gift for the special someone, share your love of plants in this wallet-friendly way.

6) You can repopulate endangered, rare or “extinct” plants by taking stem cuttings and rooting them. Even better gifts!

7) It’€™s easy and everyone’€™s doing it…did we mention it’s easy?

8) Producing your own gives a sense of accomplishment, and who doesn’t need a pat on the back.

9) It’s way cheaper than buying multiple plants. Get yourself a good-sized, healthy plant, get cloning and save money.

10) It’s a great way to ensure you have a healthy stock pile of happy, healthy plants.

11) It’€™s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.