aero system 2 aero system

Above: Nothing clever.

Transplanting from an aero system to another similarly amazing system is by far the simplest process for growers and plants alike. For the plants, there is virtually no transplant shock and with proper, plant-specific nutrients, they shouldn’t notice a thing. And for the grower, aero cloner to aero system is the least messy, smoothest transplanting method there is, though aeroponics is arguably the most challenging way to grow.

It’s a relatively new, innovative growing method that makes optimal use of its air-mist environment. There is no growing medium in an aero system, instead plants are grown in a closed or semi-closed environment, where their roots and lower stem are sprayed with a nutrient-water solution. The roots never stand in stagnant water and constantly receive oxygenated water, thanks to the mist cycle.

Plants grown in an aero system are also fast to respond to nutrients, as there is no medium between its roots and food. They can grow bigger and badder than if grown in soil or other medium, and due to the direct nature of an aero system, have seemingly unlimited growth potential. Whether in your basement turned indoor garden or the limitless confines of outer space, aeroponic growing continues to amaze with the results it produces.