Above: With good hygiene practices like these mentioned below, roots like this are a common problem!

If there’s one thing we cannot stress enough to keep your EZ-CLONE Cloning Machine pumping out consistent, quality results, it’s the sanitation and maintenance of the system’s inner workings. Once that’s locked down, healthy baby plants becomes an easily attainable goal.

Over a vast period of time, we’ve featured several blog posts on the various aspects of EZ-CLONE cleaning process, keeping a clean grow room and commonly overlooked or missed steps in the process. Here’s are the highlights (with links to the original posts) to better aid the process and to give you a great resource page to save for the future:

Avoiding SMS or ‘Sick Manifold Syndrome.’ One of the more common, yet easily avoidable issues that can occur if not properly maintained, is bacterial growth building up in the system’s manifold. We call this “SMS” or “Sick Manifold Syndrome” and have one simple solution – remove all misters after each cycle and clean according to our instructions.

Cleaning Your Cloning Collars. If not replaced following each cycle, the cloning collars that hold the stem cuttings can be cleaned and reused, though we recommend only doing so for three cycles.

Cleaning and Storing Units Between Cycles. As our Research and Development Manager Scott Thompson-Montague puts it, “Stagnant water equals death.” In other words, don’t put off cleaning the system after transplanting, as the risk of contamination increases tremendously. And, if storing the system during the off-season, put it back in its original packaging or in trash bags to keep it free of dust and debris.

Four Commonly Overlooked Cleaning Steps. Some parts of the system, due to their intricate nature, can be susceptible to bacterial growth if not properly scrubbed. Such pieces — misters, the manifold, cloning collars, and drain — are easy to clean when using a bleach-water solution, as we recommend.

Reducing Cross-Contamination. A clean grow room, tools and person are crucial when growing multiple plants. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips on reducing the potential for cross-contamination by keeping it clean.

Keeping it Clean With Clear Rez. Lastly, our Clear Rez solution does wonders with keeping the system’s water clear while promoting robust root growth. The system should be clean to start, and the Clear Rez (which is intended to be used as preventative care for all growing methods) should be added at the start of a new cloning cycle. Doing so will greatly reduce any “gunk growth” potential.


Above: Pearly white roots from an ezclone cleaning professional