Accidentally leaving your EZ-CLONE unplugged or experiencing a power failure are two worries most growers struggle to overcome. Just like mother nature can create a drought – and those of us in California are all too familiar with that scenario – so can you when gardening indoors. After all your hard work, time, money and effort, it can be a devastating experience to witness all of your clones dying off. But, sometimes looks can be deceiving. What appears to be futile and far past the turn around point may still have some chance of resurgence. Sometimes you just got to have faith, and a little knowledge!

I too am human and make mistakes. I have left my EZ-CLONE Plant Cloner systems accidentally unplugged for over 12 hours. Upon returning the next morning, I walked into all my cuttings severely wilted and laying across the lid. Most people would have taken one quick look and then tossed them in the trash. I, however, needed these cuttings to survive. Already looking failure straight in the face, I figured…what harm could I do?

With fingers crossed, I plugged my system back in. Within about three hours, to my surprise, all my cuttings were standing tall again. As shocking as this may seem, it all makes sense when you look a little deeper.

Even though your pump and manifold may not be spraying, your cuttings are still in a very humid environment. These elevated humidity levels aid in keeping your cuttings moist and alive. If your cuttings are already fully rooted and have roots in constant contact with the water in your reservoir, you will be able to more easily recover from an extended power disruption. The fresher your cuttings are the less down time you will have.

One theory I have heard that supports a “down time” is that an extended delay in spraying at the early stages of propagation stresses your cuttings and forces them into rooting. A plant only has one goal in life: survive. By tricking the cutting into thinking that its source of water and nutrients have vanished, you are signaling the plant to sprout roots and seek out the much desired and required moisture. When using a cycle timer, you can expect to see longer roots quicker. But, length is not always a great determining factor of good success. I prefer to see more roots and secondary lateral growth as opposed to longer roots.

Hopefully you never experience any power related issues or leave your cloning system unplugged, but if something does occur, rest assured all is not instantly lost even if it may appear to be.

Depending on how long your system remains off, it maybe a wise decision to also change your water or at the very least apply another dose of Clear Rez. Remember EZ-CLONE Clear Rez is completely safe for plants during all stages of growth!