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Learn how to properly take a cutting with the EZ-CLONE Classic Plant Cloner System. Unlike starting from seed, taking a cutting off of a mature mother plant ensures you are getting the same quality as the previous crop. It also reduces the amount of time needed to replicate crops. Asexual plant propagation is an easy way to help secure your genetics, produce consistent crops and save you time and money. Every time you start a plant from seed there will be some level of unknown due to the variations in seed genetics. Cloning an already existing specimen allows you to predict and tailor your growing process to best exhibit the desired traits you are seeking. On top of being able to choose the best genetics and replicate them, you also reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare another crop. Instead of having to wait for a seed to germinate, you can propagate a cutting and once it has rooted that cutting is the same age as the mother plant it came from, continuing into the vegetative stage of growth where you can increase the size of your plant. Or on the flip side, your new cuttings can be transitioned directly into the flowering stage so production can begin. The beauty of it is, it’s your choice!

Here is a quick overview of how to take a cutting for virtually any application with a plant cloner. Bare root cuttings easily transition into a wide and diverse variety of growing methods including, but not limited to; hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, container gardening and custom indoor gardening set ups!

1) Center pump and manifold assembly
2) Double check drain plug is tight
3) Fill reservoir until pump is fully submerged
4) Measure and add all additives
5) pH adjust to 6.0
6) Place lid on system
7) Make sure lid is properly seated
8) Select a healthy mother
9) Sterilize utensils
10) Begin taking cuttings a repeat as necessary

Don’t forget to plug in your system once filled. Now, all that is required of you is to sit back and relax while the EZ-CLONE Plant Cloner preforms! You can expect to see callusing and root formations beginning with in a week for most species of plants. Keep it green!