Garage cloning

When looking into how to grow plants indoors indoors, finding the best real estate is crucial for optimal growth. You want to make sure that you are in a well ventilated area – hopefully one with moving air – with natural light and preferably with consistant temperatures. Ideally, this would be in your dedicated indoor grow room or indoor garden. However, if you are like me, that is still only a dream!

When my plants are ready to be cloned, I clean and sterilize my EZ-CLONE and usually try to clone in the same room I’ve been vegging. Unfortunately, that is not always an option. As I acquire more varieties. I tend to lose out on space as well.

As cloning time nears, locate a spot that is easily accessible. The easier it is to work, the more inclined you will be to perform those remedial tasks. Depending on your situation and the space available, you may want to consider the garage for cloning. A garage, like an indoor grow room, offers a great deal of protection from mother nature and the elements. It also shields you from the outside world, keeping your cloning discreet and away from those who are after your superior genetics!

A garage will also most likely have concrete floors which can be a benefit to your indoor greenhouse. A concrete floor can act as a heat sink in the event of warmer than desired temperatures, though I would only recommend attempting to cool you indoor grow systems if your reservoir temperatures are consistantly above 85º farenheit. Another benefit that garages provide is the potential of readily available drainage and access to water. In older homes, it is quite common to find the laundry facilities in the garage, providing a great source of both hot and cold water. After a quick trip to the hardware store, you could have an indoor hose and a way to drain excess liquids in no time. 

Power can be another issue that may require some resolution. Typically, I would clone in a spare bedroom closet, but I have never once found a house with an outlet in the closet, making it difficult to get power to my cloner, light and fan. By propagating in the garage, you can usually find an open outlet and maybe even a sturdy workbench or table to set your cloner onto. Remember, the easier it is to access the more likely you will go the extra mile.

Depending on how well insulated your garage is, you may find that it’s the perfect place for plant propagation. For best results, shoot for reservoir temperatures between 75º and 85º. So, back the car up onto the driveway, sweep out some of the old junk you have lying around (and never use), and turn that garage into a productive area for plants to thrive!