Propagating plants in a clone machine is a great way to make sure you will always have your favorite plant varieties. Cloning plants preserves genetics, allows you to easily replicate crops, and saves you both time and money. But, not all propagation methods are the same, just as not all clone machines are the same.

In the list of reasons to propagate aeroponically using a clone machine, there is one that remains supreme: no medium used in aeroponic clone machine. That’€™s right, your cuttings propagate roots in midair without the use of a medium! This allows you the most versatility to easily transplant your rooted cuttings into your preferred growing medium, whatever that may be.

Clone machine

By starting with bare root cuttings, not only will your cuttings be healthier and stronger than tradition cuttings with a tray, medium and dome, but they will also root faster. Learn how simple it is to transplant from your EZ-CLONE to hydroton by watching the video above. Enjoy!