Pruning for yield and clones! Â

Above: Notice the potential “suckers” located at the nodes?
Want to increase your yield and create more plants all at the same time? Then prune your plants for yield and create clones from the unwanted branches. Removing lower branches, commonly referred to as “suckers”, that receive less light as the plant grows is a great way to produce healthier plants with more fruit. These lower branches can also be used for cloning, propagating new plants from material that was simply going to be discarded.

Pruning for yield and clones!

Above: The suckers have been removed!

Everyone loves fresh homegrown tomatoes! The bigger the bush, the more fruit…right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Don’t let large bushes with few flowers fool you. Instead of allowing suckers to grow wild and steal energy from your plant and the production of actual tomatoes, you can remove these suckers and clone them. By cloning the unwanted suckers, you will be promoting increased flower production while creating an exact genetic replica that can be grown yourself, given as a gift, or kept to preserve the genetics for next season. Tomatoes are a common choice for most backyard gardeners and are a great way to introduce a newly budding gardener to the wonderful world of gardening, both indoors and out. Share the experience and love of gardening by giving a cutting to a loved one!

Pruning for yield and clones!

Above: Cutting taking a dip in EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound.

Another way you can save money in the garden this year is to split the cost of purchasing plants with others. Let’s say you purchase only tomatoes and your neighbor only purchases peppers. Then you both can replicate the varieties you purchased and exchange the clones with one another. This way, both of you will have multiple varieties of peppers and tomatoes, putting fresh salsa on all the tables in the neighborhood.

In addition to creating more plants via plant propagation, you will be aiding the original plants or mother plants by thinning them out and allowing for better air flow and light penetration. This increase in air flow and light will help minimize pest and disease. With the subtraction of suckers, your plants will be more manageable and harvesting becomes a much easier task.

Pruning for yield and clones!

Above: All suckers have been removed and are in the EZ-CLONE! This plant is ready for increased yields!

Remember the benefits of pruning:

  • Creates new plants from suckers
  • Promotes more fruit production, resulting in better yields
  • Allows for better and more even light penetration
  • Decreases potential of pest infestation and/or disease
  • Can save you both time and money