EZ-CLONE Pro Sheet

Knowing how to produce quality results is almost as important as the results themselves. Recording your daily activities and documenting any and all changes is the best way to improve your growing. By taking the time to look, acknowledge and record information daily, you will find yourself becoming more and more observant and aware, making it easier to identify problems at their earliest stages.

By taking good notes and reviewing them, you can compare cycles to each other and easily identify areas of improvements. Being able to pin point key differences in pH, temperature and EC will better allow you to dial in your system for your specific growing environment and varieties.

When cloning multiple species in one cycle, it is key that you accurately label who is who and what is what. Don’t make the mistake thinking you will remember everything that occurs in a two week period. Rarely do I ever get everything 100% correct, but when I have a cheat sheet, I’m spot on every time!

From years of cloning we developed these easy to use cloning diagrams with you – the grower – in mind. Starting at the top, you will see there is a designated area for your cycle start date. Recording the day you start your cycle is crucial so that future cycles can be prepared and planned for seamless transitions from one to the next.Â

To the left of your cycle start date is a lid diagram with an alphanumeric labeling system. Taking the time to properly label will lessen future confusion and ease transplanting. One way to speed up this process is to make a map of your future clone placement and to set the system up accordingly. Before I even take the first cutting, I have my map all written out and plants staged in the order I will be cutting. Saving time is like paying yourself, do it often and reap the rewards.

Below your species labeling area is a two-week tracking table. Record your daily pH, room temp, room humidity, reservoir temp and any additives to the reservoir or foliage sprays. Keeping a daily record will help identify any hiccups that could have resulted in either positive or negative side-effects throughout your cycle.

So on your next cloning cycle, be sure to download and print an EZ-CLONE Pro Tracking Sheet. The website link has customized sheets for each one of our 4 different sized systems.

EZ-CLONE Pro Sheet