EZ-CLONE Classic 16 Plant Cloning system cloning outdoors

Taking advantage of early spring weather and cloning outdoors is a great way to start two plants from one seed. Starting a small container garden is easy and fun to do. As the weather warms and spring fever begins to take hold of you, get outdoors and start growing. 

1) Unwanted guest are better left outside!

Propagating outdoors with an EZ-CLONE is a great way to keep your outdoor cuttings from potentially bringing unwanted pest indoors. Outdoor plants are more susceptible to pest and disease. Bringing contaminated or infested cuttings into your indoor grow room is usually not a favorable idea and can lead to major problems down the road if not caught quickly. I also find that cuttings from outdoor plants do well with the same temperatures and light schedules as the plants they came from. This also helps once the cuttings are rooted and ready to be transplanted.

Cloning outdoors with an EZ-CLONE Classic 16

2) Free to ANY good home!

One huge benefit of aeroponic cloning and propagation outdoors with an EZ-CLONE is the fact that your cuttings will root in mid air without the use of a medium. No medium not only means no resistance for emerging roots resulting in superior, abundant root structures but also allows for transplanting into any medium. Having the versatility to transplant into any medium also includes placing the cuttings straight into the ground. I find it best to transplant directly into the ground once my clones have a solid root structure about 2-4 inches in length.

Root on tomato cutting from cloning outdoors

3) Too much of a great thing can be a bad thing!

Part of the reason outdoor growing is so fun is that it utilizes the most powerful light source known to gardeners: the sun. When cloning outdoors, you may be tempted to utilize this powerful light in hopes that it will accelerate your rooting times. Unfortunately, less light is more during the propagation stage. Limit the amount of sunlight your system receives and aim to keep it shaded and away from direct sunlight. If you are cloning photosensitive species, be sure to provide supplemental lighting during the night hours.

So take advantage of the weather and fire up your EZ-CLONE! Let us know how it grows in the comments section below!