Cloning on credit

When time and money are tight, why not clone on credit? I know you’€™ve heard the saying that money doesn’€™t grow on trees. However, you certainly can make some money from the production and sale of cuttings.

Investment opportunities are all around us. Invest in yourself and your garden by cloning on credit. The average cloning cycle time is much faster than your typical credit card billing cycle. With proper preparations and technique, you can clone a successful crop in less time than you would need to pay off your credit card bill.

Luckily for you, aeroponic propagation speeds up cloning cycle times and produces healthier cuttings with abundant root structures. For most soft wood species, you can expect about a two week rooting time from cutting to transplant. Let’s add another week on top of that for the transplanting and sales of the cuttings. We are now at around three weeks; still well within the credit card billing cycle.

In under a months time, you will have paid off your EZ-CLONE, preserved the genetics of your plants, saved time and money all while putting cash in your pocket. Can you think of another product that works this hard for you while keeping the process easy? I’€™m betting not, but would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Oh, and don’t forget to pay off your credit card bill sooner than later. We don’€™t want that growing out of control.